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LUKA is the project of Canadian singer-songwriter Luke Kuplowsky and his collaborators. Guided by the nuanced production of Stephen Prickett and percussionist Evan Cartwright (Tasseomancy, Andy Shauf), LUKA is defined as much by its unique lyrical voice as it’s constant exploration of folk, pop and experimental traditions. 


In their first two albums, Calling All Cats Black (2013), and Summon Up a Monkey King (2016), Kuplowsky has developed a vocal and lyrical style of contrasts: deadpan spoken-word delivery transitions into a rich melodic tenor; poetic musings fall alongside conversational and plain-spoken observations. His latest work What Kind of Animal was recorded live in a single session and showcases eight poetic works that unravel questions of self-doubt, companionship, integrity and faith amidst a sonic atmosphere of patient stillness and careening noise.


LUKA has opened for songwriting contemporaries like Aldous Harding, Timber Timbre and Jennifer Castle and shares a kinship for timeless song-craft, sonic eclecticism and lyrical personality.

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