Wise beyond their years, the young 20-something Torontonian behind Poolblood is Maryam, a Cancer sun/Scorpio rising/Virgo moon who grew up a pop punk. Making music since the age of 19, Maryam doesn’t mind a quiet moment spent inside with her guinea pig Gunnie & loves listening to the rain hitting their bedroom window. Inspired by intimacy, Poolblood is a vulnerable project that encapsulates Maryam’s multitudes. Maryam doesn't hate anything, “I try to dislike them, and hope for things to change.” When they’re not making rad riott grrrl-esque zines or loving on her friends & fam, Maryam can be found rewatching Buffy or her fav films (Clueless, Before sunset or anything Greta Gerwig) - we stan a good soundtrack. If you know Fiona Apple, Hayley Williams or Jeremy Enigk of Sunny Day Real Estate, please send them Poolblood’s EP "Yummy", out via Accidental Popstar Records.- Kate Killet