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Once toted as “a band you need to listen to” by BUST Magazine, Vallens are an undefinable quartet drawing from Abba, This Mortal Coil, film, and more influences than one would expect of their vexing and fervid sound.

“Hard to pin down, their chorus-friendly sounds invoke UK bands like Lush, while their noisey breakdowns are more akin to Sister-era Sonic Youth. Vocalist/Guitarist Robyn Phillips has that rare-quality voice that sticks in your head, like the early works of Sinead O’Connor.” - Live in Limbo 

With Dimmed In My Display EP set to be released early summer and their second full length album readying in the shadows, Vallens songwriting has expanded since their debut album, Consent, to the full band, including Colin J. Morgan (Cellphone), Marta Cikojevic (TOPS), and Devon Henderson (who additionally produced the EP). While thematically the EP reflects upon obscurity, explores isolation, and confronts the flood of social imagery, sonically Vallens newest material is “dark, heavy exercises in frenetic tension building... a more corrosive version of their goth-washed noise-gaze — think less mood, more menace,” as described by Exclaim Magazine.

Vallens play shows often and have been reshaping to become a more hypnotic
and groove based project, leaning more on their melodic influencers, while still
maintaining their dissonant unease. Often referred to as shoe-gaze, or any hashtag involving David Lynch, Vallens are now looking to explore many other topics, whether it be in subject, genre or concept — growing from these descriptors into a multifaceted unit and evolving into a whole different animal.

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