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Sam Tudor is singer-songwriter Sam Tudor but is also a distinctive live band, featuring Tegan Wahlgren, Jasper Wrinch and Harry Tudor. Together they create warm, psychedelia tinged anthems.

Their new album Quotidian Dream was the bands first real unified statement, fully displaying Sam’s poignant songwriting and the bands compelling experimental leanings. It felt like something new. The Georgia Straight calls it “a gem… with a penchant for everything left field” while Beatroute Magazine describes it as “beautifully self aware, sonically interesting, and masterful”. The live show is poignant and communal, gentle and bombastic.

Sam was nominated for ‘Songwriter of the Year’ in the Western Canadian Music Awards. The band just completed a cross Canada tour, and have begun selling out theatres in Vancouver. It feels like only the beginning. 

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