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Crafting the kind of woozy, surf-pop nodding gold that wouldn’t sound out of place blaring out of a busted Cadillac cruising past Venice Beach. – DIY

The late 80’s and early 90’s were a huge influence for many new artists. But when they cite sounds from great artists like Cocteau Twins, The Durutti Column, Johnny Marr and the Beach Boys, you know they are on the right track to something great.

Combining up-beat drum beats, melodic bass riffs, jingly guitar leads, and fluttery lighter-than-air vocals, the band give out soft, yet bouncy ray of sunshine not unlike The Sundays’ debut album ‘Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic’ captured. Tallies bridge that long lost sound with yet a new and youthful take on something all their own.

Coming out of Toronto, Canada this Indie Pop band just recently formed last year by lead singer and guitarist Sarah Cogan and guitarist Dylan Frankland. With Cian O’Neill on drums and Stephen Pitman on bass they released their debut album in January 2019 via Kanine Records (USA) and Hand Drawn Dracula (Canada). Rough Trade had it as their album of the month.

“Tallies are the personification of basking in the first rays of the year. – GOLD FLAKE PAINT 

“Wonderful set of surfy-pop rock jangle guitar music. –  PHOTOGMUSIC

Sarah Cogan (Vocals)
Dylan Frankland (Guitar)
Andrew Wilson (Guitar)

Cam Alford (Bass)
Cian O'Neill (Drums)

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